Lindy 305m Easy Pull Box CAT6 U/UTP Solid Core Bulk Network Cable LS0H. Grey

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  • Designed for interior use. 8 Core (4 Pair). Solid Core - infrastructure cabling. Colour: Grey. 10 year Warranty. Our range of LINDY Bulk Network Cable is perfect for use with voice. 10BASE-T. 4-/16-Mbps Token Ring. 10base-T. 100BASE-TX. 1000Base-T. 100-Mbps TP-PMD. E1. 155-Mbps ATM. 622-Mbps ATM and many more high-speed applications.The cables material is composed of thermoplastic compounds that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.

    • Designed for interior use
    • 8 Core (4 Pair)
    • Solid Core - infrastructure cabling
    • Colour: Grey
    • 10 year Warranty