Lindy UK Anti-Static Earth Bonding Plug. 1 x 10mm Stud & 2 x 4mm Banana Sockets

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  • Metal Earth Pin. 1Megohm Resistor. Plastic Neutral and Live pins. Ideal for grounding operators and their equipment. 2 Year Warranty. The LINDY Anti-Static Earth Bonding Plugs offers protection against ESD damage to expensive components. Used in combination with an Anti-Static wrist strap or Anti-Static mat (sold separately) this provides a convenient. static control workstation for service engineers and technicians. ESD can destroy sensitive electronic components. wipe data from media or even start fires.

    • Metal Earth Pin
    • 1Megohm Resistor
    • Plastic Neutral and Live pins
    • Ideal for grounding operators and their equipment
    • 2 Year Warranty